Fez-Meknes Health Syndicate denounces the attack on a nurse and declares its solidarity

The regional office of the National Syndicate of Public Health in Fez-Meknes issued a statement of denunciation and solidarity on 27 June 2024, against the backdrop of an assault incident against a nurse. The following are the highlights of the statement:

Strong denunciation of the assault on a head nurse at the second level urban health centre in Taounat, which resulted in serious injuries.

The attack took place in front of the emergency department, resulting in deep wounds and bruises on the face, hands and legs.

Condemn this heinous act and declare absolute and unconditional solidarity with the assaulted nurse.

Calling on the regional officials of the Regional Directorate of Health and Social Protection in Taounate to assume their responsibilities in protecting health workers.

Call for the support of the assaulted nurse and all health staff working in the health centre.

Demand that the necessary legal measures be taken against the assailants and that they be prosecuted.

Call on the local, regional, regional and central authorities to intervene to provide the necessary security and protection for health staff.

Declaring full readiness to participate in any form of struggle to be organised by the union’s regional office.

The statement concluded with a call for solidarity, solidarity and involvement in all forms of struggle until the legitimate demands are achieved.


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