Failed military coup attempt shakes Bolivia amid economic crisis

The current Bolivian regime supports the Polisario mercenaries / Bolivian parliamentarian, Tatiana Añez, of the opposition coalition Cremos, led by Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, considered that Bolivia’s decision to restore relations with the fictitious entity of the Polisario is a wrong decision that the government must urgently correct.

A failed military coup attempt took place in the Bolivian capital La Paz on Thursday, putting President Luis Arce in the most serious crisis since he took office in 2020. This came against the backdrop of a deteriorating economic situation in which the country is suffering from rising prices and liquidity shortages.

The coup attempt was led by Army Chief of Staff Juan Jose Zuniga, who deployed troops and armoured vehicles in Murillo Square in front of the parliament and presidential palace. Although the crisis lasted only a few hours, it revealed the fragility of the situation in a country suffering from serious economic decline.

Zúñiga and Navy chief Juan Arnez Salvador were arrested by police and charged with ‘armed rebellion and terrorism’. Before his arrest, Zúñiga stated that he aimed to “restructure democracy” and make it a “real democracy”, not one controlled by “some gentlemen who have been ruling the country for 30 or 40 years”.

For his part, President Arce emphasised that what happened was “an attempted coup d’état by military men in uniform”. He sacked Zúñiga and appointed a new command of the armed forces.

These events came in the midst of a severe economic crisis in Bolivia, where citizens are suffering from rising prices and shortages of dollars and fuel. It also comes amid a political struggle between President Arce and his former political mentor, former President Evo Morales, over whether to run for the next presidential elections in 2025.

Many countries have condemned the coup attempt and called for respect for Bolivia’s democracy, including neighbouring countries, the US, Russia and France.

This is the first time that Bolivia has witnessed a military coup attempt in more than 20 years of democratic alternation of power.

From the website: FasNews

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