Fes residents call for urgent action against reckless driving in some neighborhoods

Fez – The phenomenon of reckless and reckless driving in the Zouagha Haouliya neighbourhoods of Fez has become a real danger to the lives of children and pedestrians, a local source said.

The source explained that this dangerous phenomenon is repeated on a daily basis in the streets of the area, putting the lives of citizens, especially children and pedestrians, at serious risk. Many residents of the neighbourhood expressed their dissatisfaction with this alarming situation, calling on the competent authorities to intervene urgently to put an end to these dangerous practices.

In light of these conditions, citizens have raised their voices, calling on the authorities to take immediate action to curb this phenomenon. Among the proposals put forward by residents is the installation of speed cushions (known locally as “Doudan”) in several streets in the Zouagha urban area.

Residents hope that the local authorities will respond to their demands as soon as possible, in order to preserve the safety of citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. They also call for the intensification of awareness-raising campaigns and the tightening of controls on reckless drivers to curb this dangerous phenomenon.

The eyes of the residents of Zouagha Haouliya remain fixed on the responsible authorities, waiting for them to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety and security on the streets and in residential neighbourhoods.

From the website: Fez News

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