A new tragedy in Taounate : 03 people from one family drowned in Wadi Wargha

Three people from the same family drowned on Sunday in Oued Wargha in the Taounate region, in a new tragedy that adds to the drowning incidents that the region witnesses during the summer season.

According to local sources, the victims, two young women and a young man, were relaxing in the valley when they were swept away by strong water currents, and a third person tried to rescue them, but he also drowned due to the strong current and mud.

This tragedy is in addition to the drowning of a Quranic school student from Tetouan a few weeks ago in the Wahda dam, shedding new light on the frequent drowning phenomenon in the region, especially during the summer, when the demand for swimming in valleys and dams increases due to high temperatures and the scarcity of collective swimming pools.

Local activists have warned of the dangers of swimming in these undesignated places, and called on the responsible authorities to provide safe places for swimming and recreation, especially in light of the high temperatures and the lack of such facilities in the region.

Statistics indicate that many drowning accidents occur annually in various parts of Morocco, which raises community concern and calls for tighter control over unsafe swimming places and the provision of safe alternatives for recreation.

Source : Fes News Media

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