Khaled Safir leads CDG towards a new generation of future opportunities

Since his appointment in July 2022 as General Manager of CDG, Khalid Safir has been working to lead CDG towards a future full of new and innovative opportunities. This is evidenced by his significant efforts to modernise the Group’s governance and enhance its operational efficiency.

Enhancing governance and efficiency

With his experience and leadership, Khalid Safir continues to steer CDG towards achieving significant successes in various investment areas. His new policy focuses on reallocating internal human resources more effectively, while minimising expenses by reducing high salaries and unwarranted compensation. These steps are in line with the recommendations of the Court of Accounts, which called for a review of the Group’s organisational and institutional framework.

Consolidating branches and optimising efficiencies

Among the steps taken by Safir is the consolidation of certain branches to achieve greater operational efficiency and the closure of others that do not contribute effectively to the achievement of the Group’s objectives. This strategy aims to enhance the Group’s overall performance and make it more competitive in the market.

Supporting innovation and investing in the future

Under Safir’s leadership, CDG promotes innovation through programmes such as 212Founders, where CDG supports innovative start-ups. CDG recently invested in PayTic, a company that seeks to provide advanced solutions in the field of financial transactions.

Targeting investments towards promising sectors

With a futuristic outlook, the Group directs its investments towards promising sectors such as renewable energies and new technologies. This aims to ensure the sustainability of economic growth and create new job opportunities for the community.

Towards a bright future

Under the leadership of Khalid Safir, CDG is making great strides towards a new generation of future opportunities, emphasising its pivotal role as an investment arm of the state in strengthening the national economy and meeting its changing needs.

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