Health alert: Avoid buying Eid al-Adha meat from beggars!

The danger of contamination of Eid al-Adha meat offered for sale by beggars in markets

Health experts warn against the circulation of surplus Eid al-Adha meat from some families, which is donated to the poor and needy, in some markets in the city of Casablanca, where it is offered by beggars at very low prices, without regard to the safety of this meat and the risks of its contamination.

Reasons for the increase in the phenomenon of selling Eid al-Adha meat by beggars:

  • Lack of supervision of the distribution of sacrificial meat: The phenomenon of selling sacrificial meat by beggars is increasing every year during Eid al-Adha due to the lack of effective supervision of the distribution of this meat, which allows some unscrupulous people to exploit it for personal gain.
  • Aid does not reach those who deserve it: Many citizens point out that food aid, including sacrificial meat, sometimes does not reach those who deserve it, which contributes to the spread of the phenomenon of selling this meat in the markets.
  • Converting charity into commerce: Sociologists warn that converting charity work, such as distributing sacrificial meat, into commerce weakens the value of this work and reduces its positive impact on society.

Risks of buying Eid al-Adha meat from beggars:

  • Exposure of meat to spoilage: The sacrificial meat sold by beggars is exposed for long periods to the scorching sun, which leads to its spoilage and contamination.
  • Risk of diseases: Nutrition experts warn that consuming spoiled or contaminated meat can cause many serious diseases, such as food poisoning, diarrhea and stomach infections.
  • Spread of bacteria and parasites: Spoiled meat becomes a suitable environment for the growth of harmful bacteria and parasites, which poses a major risk to human health.

Tips for buying safe Eid al-Adha meat:

  • Buy meat from trusted sources: It is recommended to buy Eid al-Adha meat from trusted and licensed sources, such as licensed butcher shops and meat shops subject to the supervision of the competent health authorities.
  • Make sure the meat is safe: The safety of the meat must be checked before buying it by observing its color, smell and texture.
  • Avoid buying meat that is too cheap: It is recommended to avoid buying meat at very low prices, as this meat may be spoiled or contaminated.

Protecting your health and the health of your family is more important than anything else, so make sure to buy Eid al-Adha meat from trusted and safe sources.

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