Elected members of the Fes Meknes region benefit from a free Hajj visa and the opposition denounces it: “Your Hajj is unacceptable”

Fès – The decision to grant free Hajj visas to a number of elected officials in the Fès Meknes region has sparked a wave of criticism and controversy, with the opposition expressing strong dissatisfaction with the move, describing it as immoral and unacceptable.

In a statement by one of the councillors in a group belonging to the Fes Meknes region, the opposition denounced the decision as “unjustified” and “contrary to the values of justice and equality.”

A representative of the opposition told Fes News: “At a time when many citizens are struggling to obtain Hajj visas due to high costs and complicated procedures, this decision reflects the abuse of power and privileges to achieve personal interests. Your pilgrimage is unacceptable.”

The controversy comes at a sensitive time, as criticism is mounting over how privileges and benefits are distributed among public officials.

Many citizens believe that granting free Hajj visas to elected officials is a blatant violation of the principles of transparency and integrity.

For their part, the elected officials who benefited from the free visas justified this decision as part of efforts to encourage good relations with Saudi Arabia and promote cultural and religious exchange.

They emphasized that they are committed to serving the community and that this opportunity will not affect their job performance.

In light of this controversy, a number of associations and activists called for a thorough investigation into how Hajj visas are distributed and whether they adhere to legal and ethical standards. They also called for the need to strengthen oversight and accountability to ensure that such abuses are not repeated in the future.

This case remains a matter of widespread interest among Fes residents and Moroccan society in general, as all eyes are on the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure respect for the laws and promote the principles of transparency and justice in the distribution of privileges and public benefits.

Source : Fez News Media

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