Meknes changed today at the sheep market. “The stone is not the same as the Gaza war”, some bought and sold and most abandoned the market

A local Facebook page from the city of Meknes said that unfortunate incidents occurred today, Saturday, at a sacrificial market in the city, where a number of people exchanged blows with stones.

The page posted the following: “What happened today at the livestock market in Meknes … Benadim who fought with stones on the sacrificial animals says that we have a war, not Gaza.”

While the page did not disclose the reason or reasons behind what happened, comments claimed that the incident was caused by people trying to steal some sacrificial animals, which led to an exchange of blows with stones between the traders or owners of the sacrificial animals on the one hand, and the supposed thieves on the other.

Tarek commented:

You are welcome from that market. If you had a war, you would have been in Sabah and would have attacked people and destroyed their livelihoods.

For her part, Ibtisam said:

I was in the market today and we didn’t see the war.

Zainab said:

God will bring us peace….

Yahya also emphasised:

They were trying to betray the hawala, everything escaped, Shohah Kahla Tawhid Mishra.

On the other hand, a Facebook page from Meknes also published a video showing a number of people asking someone to leave the place. The source confirmed that the matter is related to the “Soria” market, where the attendees forced Kasaba to leave the market, due to the high price of the sacrificial animals he was offering for sale.

From the website: Fez News

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