The Noise Caused by Motorcycles on Public Roads in Fez: A Threat to Citizens’ Comfort

The increasing number of motorcycles in the city of Fez, especially in recent years, has become a growing concern among residents due to the disturbing noise emitted by these vehicles, particularly during late night hours.

This phenomenon is particularly concentrated in some main streets, such as Ain Chkef Road, the expressway, and Ain Smen, where some motorcyclists excessively rev their engines and make disturbing noises, causing great annoyance to those around them and affecting the comfort and safety of residents.

Negative Consequences:

  • Disturbance: The noise from motorcycles causes great disturbance to residents, especially at night, making it difficult for them to sleep due to the loud noises.
  • Stress: This noise leads to feelings of stress and anxiety among residents, which negatively affects their mental health.
  • Accidents: The excessive speed at which some motorcyclists ride poses a danger to their own safety and to the safety of others.
  • Noise Pollution: The noise from motorcycles contributes to noise pollution in the city’s auditory environment.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Awareness: Raising awareness among motorcyclists about the dangers of noise to health and the environment is crucial.
  • Enforcement: The authorities must strictly enforce regulations related to motorcycle noise,
  • Alternatives: Encouraging the use of alternative means of transport, such as public transport or bicycles.

Cooperation is Essential:

Addressing the issue of motorcycle noise in Fez requires cooperation between the authorities,

In Conclusion:

The noise from motorcycles is a real problem that threatens the comfort and well-being of

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