Morocco and Brazil to Strengthen Ties with Strategic Dialogue and Business Forum

Rabat, Morocco, June 8, 2024: In a significant move to further strengthen bilateral relations, Morocco and Brazil have announced the establishment of a strategic dialogue and an upcoming Business Forum. This decision reflects the deep-rooted ties between the two nations, spanning over 160 years since the recognition of the Empire of Brazil by the Cherifian Empire in 1860 and the opening of the Brazilian consulate in Tangier.

Reinforcing Strategic Partnership:

The establishment of a strategic dialogue underscores the commitment of both Morocco and Brazil to fostering a comprehensive partnership that encompasses political, economic, and cultural cooperation. This high-level dialogue will serve as a platform for exchanging views on issues of mutual interest, promoting understanding, and identifying new avenues for collaboration.

Boosting Economic Cooperation:

The upcoming Business Forum, scheduled to take place in Marrakech later this year, will bring together key business leaders and entrepreneurs from both countries to explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities. This initiative aims to stimulate economic cooperation, encourage trade and investment flows, and promote the exchange of expertise and best practices.

Celebrating Enduring Ties:

The decision to strengthen ties between Morocco and Brazil comes at a time when both nations are experiencing significant growth and development. This collaboration reflects their shared commitment to fostering peace, stability, and sustainable development in their respective regions and beyond.

A Testament to Shared Values:

The long-standing relationship between Morocco and Brazil is a testament to their shared values of mutual respect, cultural diversity, and a commitment to global cooperation. The establishment of a strategic dialogue and the upcoming Business Forum serve as concrete steps to further deepen these ties and build a prosperous future for both nations.

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