Energie : L’Arabie saoudite envisage un partenariat solide avec le Maroc pour mettre en œuvre des projets économiques visant à promouvoir l’intégration industrielle

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ryad Mezzour, held discussions with the Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef, in Rabat on Wednesday, focusing on strengthening industrial integration.

During the meeting, the two ministers decided to establish a dedicated working team to implement economic projects aimed at consolidating industrial integration. This initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness, efficiency, and resilience of the industrial sector while addressing the common aspirations of both countries.

In a statement to the press, Mezzour emphasized the importance of meeting technological requirements to foster economic growth, create wealth, and increase market shares both domestically and internationally.

Highlighting the need to strengthen Morocco’s technological sovereignty, the minister discussed the urgency of modernizing local industries and promoting joint investments to achieve global competitiveness, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and agri-food sectors.

On his part, Al-Khorayef announced that the working team tasked with collaboration between the two kingdoms in terms of supply chains and value will focus on technology development, expertise exchange, and human resources training.

The aim is to create a common working framework to promote industrial integration and increase bilateral trade and investments, he noted, emphasizing that Morocco’s solid industrial base undoubtedly adds value to this cooperation.

Enhanced Energy Partnership Saudi Arabia is considering enhanced industrial partnerships with Morocco in key sectors such as energy and petrochemicals, Al-Khorayef stated in Casablanca on Wednesday.

During his visit to the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Al-Khorayef praised Morocco’s economic progress, especially in industrial and mining sectors, where both countries can effectively cooperate, particularly in the phosphate industry. He also mentioned that enhanced industrial partnerships with Morocco are being considered, especially in key sectors such as energy and petrochemicals.

Saudi Arabia is banking on industry to diversify its economy, with strategies focused on logistics, exportation, and education, explained Al-Khorayef, specifying that Saudi Arabia’s industrial strategy targets twelve sectors, including those related to sustainability, national security, natural resources, and future industries. These initiatives offer numerous opportunities for collaboration with Morocco on innovative and strategic projects, he affirmed.

Al-Khorayef also emphasized the importance of strong ties between Morocco and Saudi Arabia, highlighting that they are the cornerstone of shared economic prosperity, noting that the clear strategies of both countries, such as Saudi Vision 2030 and Morocco’s economic reforms, reflect their common ambitions.

In this regard, he stressed the need for rapid development of bilateral trade to achieve common ambitions, noting that Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host major events such as Expo 2030, the 2034 World Cup, and projects like “Neom” that will require a variety of goods and services.

The Saudi official thus estimated that Morocco, with its industrial capabilities and growing market, can play a key role in these initiatives, especially by participating in priority projects identified in Saudi Arabia’s industrial strategy.

For his part, the president of the CGEM, Chakib Alj, recalled the recent visit to Riyadh by a delegation led by the Confederation of over 100 Moroccan companies representing 15 economic sectors as part of the Saudi-Moroccan Economic Forum.

During this event, representatives from the Saudi and Moroccan private sectors agreed on a joint work program and a series of initiatives aimed at fostering cooperation and economic integration between the two kingdoms, Alj emphasized.

Concurrently, he estimated that the present visit of the Saudi official represents an opportunity to follow up on these initiatives and to hear from Moroccan entrepreneurs about any potential obstacles to overcome to stimulate Moroccan investment in Saudi Arabia and Saudi investment in Morocco.

Alj also assured that the CGEM is committed to supporting these efforts and facilitating cooperation between Moroccan and Saudi companies through the Moroccan-Saudi Business Council, which demonstrates great momentum, expressing confidence that this visit will mark the beginning of a new phase of fruitful partnership. On this occasion, both parties hailed the excellence of the ties between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, noting that this visit marks an important step in strengthening economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

During this visit, in-depth discussions were held to identify common industrial projects that could benefit from the technological advancements and expertise of both countries.

Furthermore, the two parties invited Moroccan and Saudi companies to collaborate in developing joint industrial initiatives that will contribute to economic growth and job creation in both countries.

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