The director of the Ibn Baja Regional Hospital in Taza, Khawla Boukizi, submitted her resignation on Wednesday, a few weeks after her appointment.

The director explained that the reason for her resignation was due to the difficult conditions in the hospital, especially with regard to the lack of medical equipment and staff, which hinders the workflow and threatens the safety of patients.

According to identical local sources, the hospital suffers from a severe shortage of doctors in various specialties, as it has only one doctor in the psychiatric and mental health department, only one doctor in the radiology department who is currently pregnant, and only one doctor in the obstetrics department, who was absent from work last Thursday without anyone to replace his absence.

The same sources emphasized that this noticeable shortage of doctors constitutes a great burden on the rest of the available doctors, who are forced to work long hours without sufficient rest, which negatively affects the quality of services provided to patients.

Khoula Boukizi was appointed to head the Ibn Beja Hospital administration a few weeks ago, succeeding the former director, who was convicted of four years in prison for embezzling public funds at the hospital.

Her resignation comes in light of the difficult conditions suffered by the health sector in Morocco in general, as it suffers from a shortage of human and financial resources, which negatively affects the quality of services provided to citizens.

Source : Fes News Media

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