Minister of Industry and Trade announces new tools to boost Moroccan exports

Rabat, 30 May 2024: During the oral session of the House of Councillors, Mr Riad Mazour, Minister of Industry and Trade, reiterated the ministry’s commitment to boosting exports in Morocco.

New tools to boost exports

‘The ministry’s ambition is to create new tools to encourage investment and exports in our country,’ said Mazour.

These tools will include:

Supporting Moroccan companies to enter new markets: The ministry will work to provide the necessary support to Moroccan companies so that they can enter new markets and increase their share in global markets.

Improving infrastructure: The ministry will work to improve infrastructure, including ports and roads, to facilitate the export process.

Minimise administrative procedures: The ministry will work to minimise administrative procedures related to foreign trade to make the export process smoother.

Strengthening human resources: The ministry will work to strengthen human resources in the field of foreign trade to ensure the best services are provided to Moroccan companies.

Ambitious goal

The ministry aims to increase Moroccan exports by 50 per cent over the next five years.

The importance of exports to the Moroccan economy

Export is an important sector for the Moroccan economy, contributing to job creation and increasing national income.

Boosting exports is a key element in achieving sustainable economic growth in Morocco.

Government commitment

Mr Mazour’s emphasis on the importance of boosting exports underscores the Moroccan government’s commitment to supporting the private sector and creating a favourable business environment.

Efforts to boost exports are part of the government’s strategy to achieve sustainable economic development in Morocco.

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