Complaint against Boufakrane community leader for denying ambulance services to citizens

A number of elected members of the opposition teams in the Boufakrane community of Meknes have filed a complaint with the governor of Meknes, accusing the head of the community of denying citizens the services of the collective ambulance.

According to local sources, the opposition members called on the Meknes governor to intervene in order to stop all the illegal practices of the head of the Boufakrane council, and to break with the logic of “procrastination and procrastination” in the management of public facilities.

It is noteworthy that depriving citizens of the services of the collective ambulance may entail serious risks to their health and safety, especially in emergency situations.

Members of the opposition called on the governor of Meknes to intervene urgently to open an investigation into this complaint, and to take the necessary measures to ensure that citizens have proper access to the services of the mass ambulance.

Source : Fes News Media

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