Coming soon. Cannabis products are officially available in the Kingdom’s pharmacies!

Morocco is preparing for an important new step in the legalization of cannabis, as the Kingdom’s pharmacies are expected to start selling legally produced cannabis products starting in mid-June.

According to media reports, the sale and distribution process will be limited to pharmacies only, to include various products made from the cannabis plant, whether it is related to dietary supplements, cosmetics or others.

According to data released by the National Agency for the Legalization of Activities Related to Cannabis, 2,905 licenses had been granted as of April 23, out of 2,942 applications studied in 2024.

This figure represents a significant increase compared to the 609 licenses granted in 2023, and these licenses cover a total area of 2,552 hectares, compared to 286 hectares the previous year.

The majority of the licenses granted focused on the cultivation and production of Indian hemp, with 2,737 farmers in the regions of Taounat, Chefchaouen, and Al Hoceima receiving 2,637 licenses for this purpose.

While 168 licenses were allocated to different actors, including :

One pharmaceutical organization.
16 cooperatives.
37 companies.
7 self-employed persons.
These licenses are distributed as follows:

48 licenses for industrial purposes.
One (01) license for an activity related to conversion for medical purposes.
45 licenses for marketing activities.
39 licenses for export purposes.
7 licenses for the purpose of importing seeds.
28 licenses for transportation activities.
The National Agency for the Legalization of Activities Related to Cannabis confirmed that 42 cannabis products were produced from legal production in 2023 and registered with the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health.

These include 11 cosmetic and hygiene products and 31 dietary supplements.

By April 23, 2024, the Ministry of Health handed over 7 registration certificates, 2 for dietary supplements (herbal teas/tisanes) and 5 for cosmetic and hygiene products.

Other products that are still under consideration by the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy will soon receive registration certificates, the ministry said.

Source : Fez News Media

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