Five-story apartment building collapses after being evacuated after cracks appear (video)

Casablanca, Morocco – May 23, 2024 – This Thursday afternoon, Casablanca witnessed the collapse of a 5-storey residential building in the Bourkoun neighborhood, without causing any human casualties.

According to local sources, the collapsed building was inhabited and was evacuated before it collapsed after the appearance of cracks that warned residents of the imminent danger.

Initial sources suggested that repairs to expand a restaurant on the ground floor may have caused the building to collapse.

Immediately after the incident, various security and public authorities were mobilized. The governor of the Casablanca Setat region, Mohamed Amhedia, traveled to the scene of the collapsed building to supervise the rescue operations and investigate the causes of the collapse.

An in-depth investigation was launched by the judicial police under the supervision of the competent public prosecution to find out the circumstances of the incident and determine responsibilities.

The tragedy was reminiscent of the collapse of another building in the Bourkoun neighborhood in 2014, which left dozens dead and injured.

In a related context, local authorities confirmed that they intervened hours before the collapse of the building to evacuate residents and secure the perimeter of the building after detecting serious cracks.

Rescue teams began removing the rubble of the collapsed building, while investigations are ongoing to uncover all the details of this unfortunate incident.

It is worth mentioning that the authorities will work to shelter the residents of the collapsed building while waiting to determine who is responsible for the disaster.

From the website: Fez News

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