Mulberry tree destroyed on public property in Sais district. Residents denounce and call for urgent intervention

from your correspondence. With a disposition that respects privacy:

Assalamu alaikum….. We salute you with all our love and appreciation
In fact, I am writing these lines to you and bringing you this news while I hold my breath in grief over the cutting of the mulberry tree that is in the public domain, the so-called (…………) and his partner …………….., two months ago, they cut down a large part of the above-mentioned tree after a conflict with some residents, as he was threatening anyone who approached him to commit a massacre according to his words and that he has Belhassen papers (indicating that he has foolish papers …) …. Today, in our absence, they took advantage of our lack of presence in the neighborhood, and together with the owner of the chainsaw, they cut the tree to the ground, as shown in the attached photo (as you can see the cut branches were taken after they began to leave some leaves).
We, the inhabitants of Zanqa Workziz, who live near the mentioned tree, call on the local authority and the people of the solution and contract, especially those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of parks and trees in the Sais district, to intervene urgently and restrain those who were the cause of cutting down this green tree that used to benefit birds before humans.
We also inform you that the neighboring Al Salam Park has become a garbage dump without a container and a parking lot (parking lot).
We thank you very much, and may you continue to serve us for the benefit of this beloved country.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy
Narcissus on May 23, 2024

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