The General Directorate of Meteorology predicts relatively hot weather on Wednesday.. Details

The following is the weather forecast issued by the General Directorate of Meteorology for Wednesday 15 May 2024.

Moderately warm over the interior of Souss, the southeast and the south of the southern provinces.

Locally dense low clouds on the Atlantic coast in the morning and at night.

Moderately cloudy with scattered showers over the High Atlas and its eastern foothills.

Moderately strong winds along the central, southern and eastern coasts.

Minimum temperatures around 06/12 degrees Celsius in the Atlas regions and the countryside, 18/23 degrees Celsius in the southeast and far south of the country and 10/17 degrees Celsius in the rest of the regions.

Daytime temperatures are little changed.

The sea is calm to moderate in the Mediterranean and the Straits, moderate north of Casablanca and south of Tantan, moderate to rough between Casablanca and Tantan.

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