Abdellatif Wahbi to start framing the use of artificial intelligence in Morocco

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Wehbi, announced that his department is preparing a roadmap to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) in Morocco, ‘in order to avoid a scenario of misuse as happened with social networks’.

In response to an oral question in a plenary session at the House of Representatives, the minister expressed his deep concern about the challenges posed by AI, especially in the field of individual rights and freedoms. Wahbi noted that a conference will be held in September to ‘study international experiences’.

In this context, the minister warned against artificial intelligence, expressing his reservations in the face of the increasing power of these technologies. Abdellatif Wehbi argued that AI could shape the fate of future generations and pose difficult challenges to individual rights and freedoms, but he acknowledged the positive impact of AI and its beneficial work in the service of humanity, insisting that it should be regulated.

He also noted that his department is working closely with the Presidency of Public Prosecution and the Supreme Judicial Council to develop a unified information system.

However, Wahbi revealed that creating such a platform would cost ‘billions’. He took the opportunity to urge members of parliament to approve the provisions of this project as part of next year’s finance bill.

From the website: Fez News

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