A Coordinated Effort Between Intelligence and Judicial Police Dismantles a Criminal Network Engaged in Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking… Here’s What Happened!!

In the early hours of Friday, the Judicial Police in the New City of Jdidat, managed to apprehend five individuals suspected of being involved in a criminal network engaged in organizing illegal migration and human trafficking.

According to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security, the operation was carried out in collaboration between the Judicial Police and the General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance. The suspects were caught red-handed preparing for an illegal migration operation via maritime routes, departing from the shores of the New City.

The source clarified that the detainees were harboring 18 illegal migration candidates inside a house in the rural area of ​​”Sidi Bouzid” on the outskirts of the New City.

The inspection operation resulted in the seizure of two rubber boats and two maritime engines, fuel and air pumps, as well as two cars suspected of being used to facilitate migration operations, along with a quantity of fuel and oils, and a significant amount of money believed to be proceeds from this criminal activity.

The source indicated that the suspects were placed under police custody pending referral to the competent public prosecutor’s office to uncover all the details of this case, determine its extent, and identify its potential connections.

This operation is part of the intensified security efforts by the General Directorate of National Security to combat illegal migration and human trafficking, and dismantle criminal networks operating in this field.

The General Directorate of National Security is also working to enhance international cooperation to combat this phenomenon through the exchange of information and expertise with neighboring countries and coordination with relevant international organizations.

Security efforts also include raising awareness about the risks of illegal migration, providing support to illegal migrants, and working on their rehabilitation and integration into society.

Source: Fes News Media

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