Digitization simplifies Schengen visa applications: Say goodbye to the difficulties of getting an appointment

Brussels, 12 May 2024: The European Commission has announced significant steps to facilitate the entry of non-EU citizens into the Schengen area by digitising visa applications.
The initiative, which will be implemented gradually until 2030, aims to simplify procedures and reduce the burden on both applicants and the competent authorities.
Some of the key benefits of the move include:

Automated appointment booking system: This system will eliminate the need to painstakingly search for an available appointment at embassies or consulates, minimising waiting times and making travel planning easier.

Comprehensive online platform: The new platform will allow all steps of the visa application process, from filling out the form to paying the fees, to be completed without the need to be physically present.

Reduce costs: Digitisation will eliminate the need to travel or mail documents, reducing additional costs for applicants.

Say goodbye to paper: All required documents will be available electronically, which will help protect the environment and streamline the application process.
However, it should be noted that these benefits do not extend to first-time applicants, who will still need to attend the interview in person.
The move is part of the EU’s efforts to promote tourism and openness to the world, while maintaining the security of its borders.

From the website: Fez News

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