In light of the Israeli war machine continuing to claim innocent lives, 5 new European countries are moving to recognize the State of Palestine

In the pursuit of peace and stability in the Middle East, the initiative of Spain and Ireland to recognize the State of Palestine stands out as an important step in this direction.

According to reports, this step comes in conjunction with similar efforts from other countries in the European Union, reflecting a collective commitment to supporting the rights of the Palestinian people and striving towards a two-state solution.

Potential joint recognition by Spain and Ireland, as well as Slovenia, Malta, and possibly Belgium, represents a landmark development in international politics and signals a potential shift in regional dynamics.

It is worth noting that eight member states of the European Union have already recognized the State of Palestine, a step considered supportive of efforts to promote peace and security in the region, and this concerns:



Czech Republic




Administration of Southern Cyprus


This recognition is an affirmation of the role that international diplomacy can play in resolving conflicts and promoting dialogue between peoples and countries. This comes at a critical time, as the war machine of the Israeli occupation army continues to claim thousands of defenseless civilian lives in the Gaza Strip, making the need for peaceful and just solutions more urgent than ever before.

From: Fez News website

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