Led by the Pasha of the region and the directives of the governor of the region, Azniber Said: Continuous efforts to end the shanty town war in the Saïs region

In a statement to Fez News, a special and well-informed source confirmed that through the continuous efforts and firm directives of the local authorities in the Saïs region, led by the region’s Pasha, and in implementation of the instructions of the governor of the region, Azniber Said, the region is witnessing tangible progress towards ending the shanty town war.

These efforts include meticulous and voluntary demolitions of various black spots, the latest of which took place today, Saturday 11 May 2024, in Ain Amir.

The source emphasised that these operations and this ongoing campaign reflect the authorities’ commitment to improving living conditions and developing infrastructure in the region.

From the website: Fez News

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