Significant Decline in Reception Infrastructure Quality Index at Social Security Agencies in Fez and an Employee for Fes News Says “This Is Too Much”

The business space for social security services in Fez is witnessing a “significant” decline in the quality of reception infrastructure, according to a private source, causing concern among service users who regularly use these services.

An employee at one of the agencies in Fez confirmed to “Fes News” that the workload has reached unprecedented levels, due to the lack of effective logistical tools and the increase in the number of service users compared to the number of employees, which has led to a noticeable deterioration in the quality of the service provided.

Service users are experiencing delays in their reception and registration of their transactions, which affects the speed of completion of their transactions and weakens their level of satisfaction. This decline in the quality of reception comes amid a growing demand for social security services, which requires immediate intervention to improve reception infrastructure and provide the necessary capabilities to meet the needs of citizens effectively.

In a special statement to “Fes News”, one of the service users confirmed that the central administration, despite its efforts to digitize services to alleviate the pressure on the agencies, still needs further digital development to simplify administrative procedures.

The speaker pointed out that digitization is still not enough to fully meet the needs of service users, and that there is an urgent need for further simplification of administrative procedures. He called for increased efforts to develop digital services and simplify procedures, to improve the experience of beneficiaries and provide more effective and easy services.

This statement comes in the context of the increasing demand for social security services and the administration’s challenges in keeping up with this increase effectively and efficiently.

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Source: Fes News Media

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