Morocco boosts its fleet of specialised firefighting aircraft previously ordered from Canadair to eight

Morocco has boosted its fleet of firefighting-equipped Canadair aircraft. Initially, Morocco had 5 Canadair aircraft in 2023, and then this number increased to 6 by the end of the same year. Currently, Morocco has 8 Canadair aircraft, the largest number in Africa. These aircraft are used to put out forest fires and are part of the Kingdom’s firefighting strategy.

In recent years, Morocco has seen a remarkable evolution in its firefighting strategy, reflecting the country’s commitment to protecting its natural resources and the safety of its citizens. By strengthening its fleet of Canadair aircraft, also known for their superior firefighting capabilities, Morocco is emerging as a leader in this field on the African continent.

The story began in 2023, when Morocco had five Canadair aircraft, and by the end of the year, the number had risen to six. Now, Morocco is the proud owner of eight such aircraft, making it the country with the largest number of such aircraft in Africa.

Known for their ability to carry more than 6,000 litres of water and refill it in just 11 seconds, these aircraft are a vital tool in the fight against forest fires. Not only that, but the aircraft are designed to withstand the corrosion caused by the use of seawater, increasing their flexibility in responding to fires in different environments.

These steps demonstrate Morocco’s commitment to developing its emergency and disaster response capabilities, and reinforce its position as a role model for preparedness and readiness to meet growing environmental challenges. With increasing fire risks due to rising global temperatures and climate change, the expansion of the Canadair fleet is a proactive and vital step to protect the Kingdom’s forests and biodiversity.

Through these efforts, Morocco is demonstrating its leadership in the field of firefighting and strengthening its capabilities not only at the national level, but also at the regional level. It is a strong message that expresses the will and determination to protect the environment and ensure a safer future for future generations.

From the website: Fez News

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