Zhejiang Hailiang Group’s investments in Morocco: a catalyst for innovation and economic development and a dedication to Morocco’s central role in the global energy revolution

The Chinese group Zhejiang Hailiang recently made an announcement that could well be a game-changer in the energy and technology sector in Morocco. With an investment of 2.9 billion dirhams, or approximately $288 million, the company plans to build a new factory that promises to boost the local economy and strengthen Morocco’s position as an industrial and technological hub.

This plant, which is expected to be operational within the next 36 months, will focus on the production of energy materials essential for the generation, storage, transmission and conversion of energy. Among the facility’s flagship products are copper foils for lithium batteries, a crucial component for consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Morocco’s proximity to key markets such as Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East offers Zhejiang Hailiang a significant logistical advantage. This strategic position will allow the company to efficiently serve its customers while benefiting from reduced transportation costs.

The development of gigafactories for electric vehicles is another important facet of this initiative. Growing global demand for electric vehicles is creating an urgent need for materials like copper foil. The Zhejiang Hailiang factory in Morocco is therefore perfectly aligned with this trend, helping to meet demand while promoting sustainable development.

Sino-Moroccan relations also play a key role in this investment. Morocco, an active member of several international organizations, offers an environment conducive to foreign investments. Cooperation between China and Morocco is thus strengthened, paving the way for other future collaborations.

As a transshipment center between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Morocco benefits from easier access to African raw materials at lower costs. In addition, the Scientific and Technological City of Tangier, where the factory will be located, offers attractive tax incentives for innovative companies.

With an impressive annual production capacity – 50,000 tonnes of alloy, 35,000 tonnes of pipes, 40,000 tonnes of bars and 25,000 tonnes of copper foil – and state-of-the-art research and storage facilities, the Zhejiang Hailiang is ready to become an engine of growth for Morocco. It symbolizes the country’s commitment to innovation and technological progress, while emphasizing the importance of strategic international partnerships for economic advancement.

The impact of this investment will be felt far beyond the factory’s borders, as it promises to create jobs, boost research and development, and position Morocco as a leader in energy technologies . This is a significant step towards a greener and more connected future, where Morocco plays a central role in the global energy revolution.

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