The court convicts a police officer of responsibility for the death of Yassin Al-Shibli and sentences him to five years in prison

The Misdemeanor Disciplinary Chamber of the Marrakesh Primary School convicted, this evening, Monday, the police officer involved in the death of Yassine Chebli while he was placed under theoretical guard at the headquarters of the Police Commission in Benjrir, Rehamna Province, to five years in prison.

The court had reserved the file for deliberation and pronouncement of the ruling at the end of the session, following the end of the discussion of the case of a police officer’s involvement in the death of the citizen Yassin Al-Shibli, which lasted about 3 and a half hours, during which the representative of the Public Prosecution demanded that the accused be sentenced in accordance with the follow-up chapters.

The competent Public Prosecution Office at the Marrakesh Primary School pursued the officer accused of two misdemeanors: “the use of violence by a public employee while carrying out his job against a person, and manslaughter due to negligence and lack of foresight,” which are stipulated and punished in Chapters 231 and 432 of the Criminal Code.

After the issuance of this ruling, three accused police officers are still being pursued in this case by the Court of First Instance in Benjarir, two of whom are in detention and one of whom is temporarily released.

It should be noted that the Marrakesh Court of First Instance had previously examined the file and ruled that it lacked jurisdiction, and referred it to the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal in response to the request of the civil party’s defense, a ruling that was overturned by the Marrakesh Court of Appeal, and the Court of Cassation rejected the request in this regard.

Both the Public Prosecution and the accused appealed the aforementioned ruling before the Misdemeanor Appeals Chamber of the Marrakesh Court of Appeal, which ruled on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, to cancel it and return the file to the issuing court to decide on it again, considering that the acts to which the accused was accused constitute misdemeanors, not felonies.

The defense of the civil party also appealed the decision on appeal before the Rabat Court of Cassation, which rejected the request, so that the file was assigned again before the Marrakesh Primary School, which held on the same day a session to which the prosecuted accused was brought from the “Oudayas” prison, and was attended by lawyer Abdel-Ilah Tashfin from the Marrakesh Authority on behalf of The civil party and the rest of the defense team, consisting of lawyers Moulay Mustafa Al-Rachdi and Abdel Fattah Al-Kaki from the same body, and lawyers Souad Brahma and Khaled Al-Hattab from the Settat body.

The case of Yassin Al-Shibli is considered one of the cases that raised public opinion in Morocco, and it revolves around the death of Yassin Al-Shibli inside the police headquarters in Benjarir. According to reports, Yassin Al-Shibli was arrested on charges of public drunkenness, obstructing passers-by, and making noise on a public street. During his probation period, police officers were accused of violence against him, which led to his death.

An investigation was opened into the case, and the Public Prosecution reported that Al-Shibli was in an abnormal state and expressed violent resistance during the arrest, which required police intervention. Investigations confirmed that Al-Shibli was slapped by police officers and that he was subjected to violence while in custody.

The case witnessed several developments, as four police officers were brought to trial, and one of them was convicted to five years in prison. The case is still subject to follow-up and attention, as the broadcast of the file has been postponed in order to summon the civil rights claimants and continue the legal procedures.

This case reflects the challenges justice and human rights face in custodial situations and highlights the importance of due process and transparent investigations into suspicious deaths. It also highlights the need for more awareness and training for security services to ensure that individuals’ rights are protected and their safety is maintained.

From: Fez News website

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