The Zawagha District Council office is preparing to meet to set the agenda for its June 2024 session

Saeed Al-Bahri, the seventh deputy head of Zawagha County, the regional secretary of the Popular Movement Party, sent a letter, through the administrative ladder, to the head of the county regarding a request to include several points in the agenda of the council session for June 2024, as shown in the document attached below.

For his part, Ismail Jay Mansouri, Chairman of the Zawagha District Council, responded to the issue with a letter inviting Al-Bahri to attend the district office meeting, to set the agenda for the aforementioned session.

Provincial councils in Morocco play an important role in organizing local affairs and developing regions. Here are some important points about the powers of the County Council:

Neighborhood and general issues:
The District Council decides on neighborhood issues assigned to it under the law.
He expresses his opinion on matters of concern to the territorial district of the province.
Makes suggestions on district matters.
Financial and economic management:
He studies expenditure accounting and administrative accounting in the province.
Vote on investment proposals.
Decides the allocation of funds granted to the province.
Equipment and projects:
Decides to establish and maintain public facilities such as markets, parks, and cultural centers.
It encourages the collective movement and contributes to participatory development projects.
Consulting specialties:
Provides suggestions and opinions on district matters and development projects.
He expresses his opinion on the draft economic and social development plan for the group.

From: Fez News website

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