Fez / Direct referral of the employee accused of embezzling 350 million from the court fund to the Criminal Chamber and then to Borkaiz

The Public Prosecutor at the Fez Court of Appeal decided today to imprison a second-class employee at the Taounate Court on charges of embezzling a significant sum of money from the court fund. The employee will face trial before the criminal court responsible for financial crimes.

The Public Prosecution charged the employee with embezzlement of public funds, tampering with data in the automated data processing system, changing and deleting data by fraud, and forging documents. The employee is awaiting trial on May 14.

The regional judicial police extended the employee’s detention to conduct further investigations and search his home. The employee was presented to the Attorney General, who immediately referred him to the Criminal Court, deeming the case ready for judgment.

A central inspection committee affiliated with the Ministry of Justice examined the revenues of the Taounate Court before revealing major financial irregularities confirmed by the records.

The Public Prosecutor ordered a comprehensive investigation to take legal measures against the suspect. The Public Prosecutor quickly closed the borders to prevent the suspect from escaping, placed him in pretrial detention, and presented him to the competent authorities.

The case unfolded after the disappearance of funds from the court fund in the years 2022, 2023 and 2024, totaling 140 thousand dirhams. The employee returned the money to the Ministry of Justice, which led to large-scale inspections that revealed embezzlement exceeding 350 million cents.

Under Article 73 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Public Prosecution can refer a suspect to the Criminal Court without further investigation if the case is considered ready for trial. This expedited procedure is used to save time and speed up the legal process.

If the case is ready for trial, the public prosecutor can order the suspect to be detained in custody and referred to the criminal court within 15 days. If the case is not ready for judgment, the judicial authority requests an investigation.

From: Fez News website

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