Criminal Chamber of Agadir Appeal Court Upholds Final Verdict in Amin Chariri Murder Case

The Criminal Chamber of the Agadir Appeal Court yesterday, Wednesday, upheld the initial criminal judgment issued in the case of the murder of young man Amin Chariri.

According to the details of the judgment, four defendants in the case were acquitted and not prosecuted for the acts attributed to them, while the initial judgment sentencing the main defendants to six months in prison was upheld.

The initial Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal in the city of Agadir had ruled to convict the main defendant (A.S.) of the charges against him, after reclassifying the acts of intentional assault with a weapon resulting in death without intent to cause it to manslaughter, in accordance with the provisions of Article 432 of the Criminal Code. He was sentenced to six months in prison and fined 1,000 dirhams and costs and compulsory payment in the minimum.

The court also ruled at the time that (Sh.H), (A.S.B), (Y.M) and (A.A) should not be prosecuted for the charges against them and acquitted them of all charges.

The court allowed the civil party to file a compensation claim in accordance with the procedure for damages in the Dahir 02/10/1984 on compensation for victims of traffic accidents, with the convicted defendant being notified of his right to appeal within ten days of the date of the decision.

Source: Fes News Media

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