Be careful.. Armed men kidnap Moroccans in Thailand: detention and slavery to work in blackmail and electronic piracy (video/report)

Young Moroccans are being lured through social media platforms, as criminal gangs target them with new tempting and deceptive means. They offer them fake e-commerce job opportunities with high salaries in Thailand, visa facilities and luxury hotel accommodation.

After arriving at residential camps on the Thailand-Myanmar border, they are forcibly detained by armed men, most of them from China, and forced to work long hours in difficult conditions without pay.

Victims are used in hacking and blackmail operations, and are subjected to torture and beatings if they do not comply with orders or attempt to escape.

Despite the Thai embassy’s intervention in Morocco, they denied the existence of information about the detention of Moroccans in Thailand, stressing that their responsibility is limited to their citizens residing in Morocco.

Political expert Hassan Al-Qurtubi pointed out the danger of these criminal networks that use advanced techniques to lure young people, and stressed the need for international cooperation to combat them and educate young people about their dangers.

So far, there are no official reports about the fate of the missing young men, but leaks indicate that they are suffering from tragic conditions and being exploited in illegal activities.

From: Fez News website

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