An expanded meeting for coordination between government sectors on the occasion of the 2030 World Cup

Today, Thursday, a preparatory meeting for the 2030 World Cup was held at the Ministry of Interior. The meeting was attended by a number of ministers, officials and representatives of various councils.

The meeting aims to coordinate efforts between all government sectors participating in the preparations for the World Cup, to establish a unified system of cooperation and set a clear road map for success. This includes fulfilling commitments, implementing initiatives, and ensuring consensus among all parties involved.

All participants in the meeting stressed the need to intensify sectoral efforts, make effective use of resources, and propose targeted initiatives. The ultimate goal is to present an innovative organizational plan in line with the royal ambitions for a successful World Cup.

The meeting also highlighted Morocco’s commitment to working closely with the host countries (Morocco, Spain, Portugal) in order to make the 2030 World Cup a distinctive event. This tournament will not only enhance Morocco’s reputation as a reliable partner in hosting international events, but will also enhance its position among major countries.

From: Fez News website

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