The Italian security authorities and the international police “Interpol” arrest the mercenary Idris Farhan

The Italian security authorities, in cooperation with the International Police Interpol, were able to arrest Idris Farhan, who was wanted in the Kingdom of Morocco and was blackmailing it on social media platforms.

Farhan was arrested last Monday in the city of Brescia, based on an international order issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Appeal in Fez on February 20, 2024, due to his role in facilitating the exit of Moroccans to Italy illegally.

Farhan claimed to be an “investigative journalist” and was working as a tool in the hands of the Algerian intelligence to implement its agendas against the Kingdom of Morocco, its symbols and its institutions.

Using directions from Algerian intelligence, Farhan was targeting Moroccan citizens and institutions with the aim of destabilizing and tarnishing their national reputation.

Farhan tried to reduce the influence of Moroccan institutions by distorting the reputation of the Moroccan state and its sovereign symbols, by exploiting media platforms affiliated with the Algerian intelligence.

Farhan tried to exploit his role as a “journalist” to implement the agendas of the Algerian intelligence, as he claimed to carry out journalistic investigations, while he attacked and distorted the reputation of national figures and Moroccan institutions without respect for facts or reliable sources.

From: Fez News website

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