French police arrest Algerian Bensedira as he plans, prompted by the regime, to carry out political assassinations and accuse Morocco of them

On Saturday, French police arrested Algerian “dissident” Said Ben Sedira in Paris, a famous social media activist who exposes some figures in the Algerian government, according to informed sources in the French capital.

Said Ben Sedira, who like many opponents of the Algerian regime resides in London, is suspected of having been in contact with Algerian agents infiltrating France to commit assassinations against opponents of all stripes.

According to our sources, the crimes prepared by Algerian infiltrating agents, with the assistance of Said Ben Sedira, were later to be blamed on Morocco.

It was also learned that Saeed Ben Sedira’s arrest was based on accurate information provided by Moroccan intelligence.

This incident demonstrates the extent to which Algeria has reached in its escalation against Morocco on all fronts.

The ruling military junta in Algeria is feeling increasingly disappointed by the recent rapprochement between France and Morocco, which, as the recent case of Said Ben Sedira shows, has pushed it to go too far in its shameful efforts to harm Morocco and its foreign relations.

What strengthened the Moroccan-French rapprochement was the recent visit by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmenin, accompanied by senior security officials, to the Kingdom.

From: Fez News website

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