France Faces Diplomatic Challenges in Relations with Morocco and Algeria (video)

Former French Ambassador’s Perspective

The former French ambassador to Algeria, Xavier Driencourt, stated that France is having difficulties maintaining the necessary diplomatic balance in its relations with Morocco and Algeria, considering the situation to be extremely complex.

Shift Towards Morocco

Driencourt explained to Le Figaro that France is moving towards closer ties with Morocco, as highlighted by the recent visit of ministers to Rabat in a short period of time.

Possible Scenarios

He continued by saying that while we are getting closer to Morocco, there are two possibilities on the Algerian side: either we will once again disagree with the Algerians, especially if we recognize the Moroccan Sahara, which seems to me to be part of the realities and the future of our diplomatic position. Or, to compensate for this rapprochement with Rabat, we will have to offer additional commitments to Algeria.

Reevaluation by President Macron

Driencourt added that President Macron may have reassessed his preference for cooperation with Algeria and the concessions made in the memory file, without any reciprocity from the other party (Algeria).

Historical Presence

The former ambassador also acknowledged that the historical presence of France in Algeria and Morocco differs, as the former was a French colony, while the Kingdom of Morocco was under protection and retained its rulers.

Strategic Interests

He believes that France’s strategic interests in Morocco are greater than in Algeria, considering it a strategic partner in Africa. He stated, “France has more interests with Morocco, even if only at the economic level, while our interests with Algeria are very limited,” adding that Algeria has turned towards China, Turkey, or Germany at the expense of France.

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