Breaking News… Taza Police Use Live Ammunition to Apprehend Dangerous Criminal

Security sources have informed Fas News Grid that a police officer in the regional security department in the city of Taza, on the evening of Friday, April 19th, used his service weapon during a security intervention to apprehend a 55-year-old individual.

The individual is suspected to have been in an abnormal state and posed a threat to the safety of citizens and police officers by assaulting them with a bladed weapon.

Police reported that a security patrol intervened to apprehend the suspect who was displaying abnormal behavior and committing assaults in public using a bladed weapon.

Despite his violent resistance, the police officer managed to use his service weapon in a warning manner, resulting in the suspect being injured in his lower extremities.

The suspect was transferred to the local hospital and placed under medical supervision, pending judicial proceedings under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office. This intervention comes as part of the police efforts to ensure security and public safety in the city.

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source : fes news media

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