Taza Police Besiege Electronic Fraud Gang

The police of the regional security in the city of Taza have arrested seven people, including a woman, between the ages of 18 and 52, on suspicion of their involvement in a criminal network active in electronic fraud and impersonating public employees and employees of private companies.

In detail, the suspects contacted their victims by phone, impersonating government employees or employees of private companies, in order to obtain bank information to obtain financial assistance or vouchers. They then used this information fraudulently to carry out commercial transactions that enabled them to obtain money through illegal means.

The suspects were identified and arrested in the cities of Fez and Guercif, and several devices and mobile phones used in the execution of the criminal acts were seized, in addition to receipts for money transfers suspected of being the product of this criminal activity.

Five of the suspects were placed in police custody, while two were subjected to judicial investigation to determine more details about their criminal activity and bring them to trial based on the investigations supervised by the public prosecutor’s office.

source : fes news media

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