Economic water consumption is everyone’s responsibility

Under the slogan “Economic water consumption is everyone’s responsibility,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Rabat organized, on Thursday, April 18, 2024, the eleventh session of National Consumer Day, in cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment and Water and federations of consumer protection associations. This course aims to educate consumers about the importance of preserving water resources and the necessity of combating waste and misuse of this vital material.

This initiative comes in line with the directives of the Royal Highness to ensure transparent communication with citizens regarding the national water situation and the urgent measures taken. The Minister of Industry and Trade, Riad Mazour, stressed the importance of confronting water stress in Morocco and the need for concerted efforts to achieve this.

The Moroccan consumer must play a major role in preserving water resources by adopting responsible practices. By reducing waste and using water wisely, the consumer can contribute to preserving this precious resource and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Reports indicate that water stress in Morocco is real, and requires adapting to this situation and assuming joint responsibility. Therefore, consumers and environmental associations must work together to promote awareness of the importance of responsible consumption of water resources in their daily lives.

From: Fez News website

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