Breaking News: Drug Smuggling Attempt Thwarted by Authorities

This morning, security forces and customs officers at the Beni Ansar center in Nador successfully stopped an attempt to smuggle 116,605 hallucinogenic pills, including ecstasy and Rivotril, into the country. The drugs were found in a small car with foreign license plates.


After closely monitoring and inspecting the vehicle upon its arrival at the Beni Ansar center, the authorities discovered the hidden stash of drugs carefully concealed in the back seats of the car. The driver and his Moroccan companion, aged 22 and 32, were arrested as a result of the search.

Legal Action

The suspects are currently under investigation by the relevant public prosecutor’s office to uncover all individuals involved in this case and determine the national and international ramifications of this criminal activity.

Anti-Drug Operations

This incident is part of ongoing efforts by various security agencies to combat international drug smuggling and prevent various forms of cross-border crime.

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