The Youth of Justice and Development in Fez Warns Against Any Attempt to Use Money or Any Unlawful Acts During Voting Day in the Southern Fez District

The regional office of the Justice and Development Youth in Fez announced today, Wednesday, a statement declaring its participation in the electoral campaign related to the partial legislative elections scheduled to be held in the southern district of Fez on April 23, 2024.

The Fez regional office affirmed that these elections come in a context marked by the continuation of scandals engulfing the elite of September 8th, involving political, financial, and moral corruption that Fez has never experienced before, in addition to the fragility of alliances, mismanagement, and lack of efficiency, all of which are natural results of the strange mixture concocted during the September 8, 2021 elections, according to their statement.

The Fez regional office of the Justice and Development Youth declared the following: Our pride in the nomination of brother Mohamed Khi as a model of a popular neighborhood resident in the city of Fez, and a graduate of the Justice and Development Youth school, who believed in political work from within institutions and contributed with high efficiency to making the Jnan El Ward district better during his previous term in office. Our call to all residents of the southern district of Fez, especially its youth, to go massively to the polling stations next Tuesday to vote for the candidate of Al-Moussaba, and before that, to support his campaign, rally around it, confront every corrupt candidate, and send a strong message through punitive voting against parties with a history of endorsing corrupt and convicted individuals in corruption cases, and against parties that have enabled the failures in municipal management that Fez has been suffering from until now.

Our warning against any attempt to use money during the electoral campaign or any unlawful acts during voting day, which could lead to a repetition of the dismal outcomes of September 8th or what happened in other electoral districts afterward, with all the negative effects that everyone is now noticing, and our commitment, in return, to mobilize our activists to combat these practices in the field using all legal means available.”

Source: Fes News

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