Special Source/ (Blind Dating) The Judicial Police opens an investigation into suspicions of violating public morals and incitement to obscenity through information systems

National Police Force Steps In

A special investigation has been launched by the National Judicial Police into suspicions of compromising public morals and inciting public indecency through information systems, following the circulation of a video showing a girl imitating a foreign program on social media.

National Security Alert

Sources emphasized that the national security information alert recently detected the circulation of the mentioned video, conducted an inspection and inventory of the published content, and referred it to the National Office for Combating Crimes Related to Modern Technologies, which is affiliated with the National Judicial Police, for further investigation under the supervision of the relevant public prosecution.

Legal Examination

Sources also stressed that the current legal investigation is focusing on verifying whether the mentioned video contains elements of crimes punishable by Moroccan law, in order to determine responsibilities and arrange necessary legal penalties.

Controversial Moroccan Version of Blind Dating

A Moroccan version of the popular American show Blind Dating recently sparked a lot of controversy in Morocco, due to its content which revolves around the idea of finding a “knight in shining armor” through the encounter of a girl and a boy who do not know each other.

Many have called for the intervention of relevant authorities to stop this “program” on YouTube and take necessary actions against those involved.

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