Minor changes affect the dates of the end-of-year exams for 2023-2024

The Ministry of National Education, Preschool, and Sports has recently announced some changes to the exam dates for the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

Baccalaureate Exam

The national unified baccalaureate exam will now take place from June 10 to June 13, with the retake session scheduled from July 9 to July 11.

For Independent Candidates

Independent candidates taking the baccalaureate exam will sit for the regional unified exams on June 5 and June 6, with a chance to retake them on July 3 and July 4.

First-Year Baccalaureate Students

First-year baccalaureate students will have their exams on June 5 and June 6, with the retake session set for July 3 and July 4.

Unified Regional Exams

For students in their final year of middle school, the unified regional exams will begin on July 1. This date will also mark the start of the unified provincial exams for the Primary School Certificate (CEP).

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