The New Regulations/ Understanding the New Regulations for Car Rental Agencies in Morocco

Starting this Monday, the new regulations regarding car rental without a driver will come into effect in Morocco. These regulations set new conditions for investing in this sector. The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has communicated with unions and professional associations about these new regulations and has taken steps to implement them after finalizing the format back in February.

Implementation Delay

The new regulations were expected to be implemented in March, but the ministry decided to postpone it until mid-April to allow for the preparation of specific procedures related to car rental operations without a driver. They have updated the information system for these procedures and held training sessions with relevant departments to familiarize them with the new regulations and transitional provisions.

Requirements for Car Rental Agencies

The ministry has requested unions and professional representatives to invite car rental agencies to sign the new regulations and comply with the requirements, especially regarding the social headquarters, required capital, number of vehicles, and necessary training for managers.

Changes in the Sector

Investing in the car rental sector without a driver is now subject to new variables under the new regulations agreed upon by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and sector professionals. The scope of car rental agencies will expand to include all vehicles that require a license from categories “A” and “A1,” with or without a sidecar, and “B.”

Capital and Experience Requirements

The new regulations include requirements that were demanded by professionals, such as proving years of experience through a certificate from the National Social Security Fund. Managers are now required to have two years of experience before engaging in the activity.

Financial Obligations

The new regulations also set the capital requirement for private car rental companies without a driver at 500,000 dirhams, representing a significant financial commitment when investing in the sector. This will help eliminate unhealthy practices related to financing car fleets, such as providing small financial advances for cars and depositing significant amounts with car distributors, leading to financial difficulties and bankruptcy.

Legal Restrictions

The new regulations also impose restrictions on the managers and legal representatives of car rental agencies without a driver. They must not have a criminal record related to terrorism, murder, human trafficking, breach of trust, money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal immigration, forgery, or counterfeiting.

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