Morocco Unveils New Logo for Legal Cannabis Products

In a move to regulate the legal cannabis industry, the Kingdom of Morocco has unveiled a new red and green logo to distinguish legal products derived from the manufacture of kif.

This step comes after the recent issuance of the first batch of legal cannabis, which was announced in the April Official Gazette.

As part of its control and regulatory efforts, the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Industry and Trade have issued a joint decision to adopt an official symbol, which all cannabis-derived products in Morocco must bear as a distinctive mark.

The decision allows the use of the symbol in black and white when necessary, but on condition that it conforms to the officially adopted symbol, which comes in red and green, whether the product is marketed inside or outside Morocco.

Key points:

  • The logo is intended to distinguish legal cannabis products from illegal ones.
  • The use of the logo is mandatory for all cannabis-derived products in Morocco.
  • The logo can be used in black and white when necessary, but it must conform to the officially adopted red and green version.

Additional information:

  • Morocco legalized the medical and industrial use of cannabis in 2019.
  • The country is expected to become a major exporter of cannabis products.
  • The government is working to develop regulations for the industry to ensure quality and safety.

Source: Fez News

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