The Royal Gendarmerie defeats a gang of bandits between Tan-Tan and Al-Watiya

In a qualitative operation, Moroccan gendarmerie forces were able to arrest a gang known as “bandits” in an area between Tan Tan and Wattia a short while ago. According to initial reports, the gang was threatening passers-by with knives and machetes, sparking terror among citizens.

The successful operation of the Moroccan gendarmerie demonstrated its high readiness and effectiveness in confronting criminal acts and ensuring the security of citizens and the safety of roads. This operation is part of ongoing efforts to maintain public order and combat crime in the area.

For his part, citizens praised the quick response of the gendarmerie forces and their dedication to securing the area and controlling the situation, which gave residents a sense of security and confidence.

It should be noted that the Moroccan authorities take all security challenges seriously and work hard to maintain public order and ensure the safety of citizens and property.

From: Fez News website

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