The woes of drugs persist, and the men of Hamouchi [reference to Abdellatif Hammouchi, head of Morocco’s General Directorate for National Security] have vigilant eyes

In two separate operations coordinated with intelligence services, the most dangerous drug dealers in Sidi Kacem and Salé were apprehended.

Judicial police officers in both Sidi Kacem and Salé, in two separate operations executed in coordination with the General Directorate for National Territory Surveillance, succeeded in apprehending two individuals with criminal records suspected of involvement in the possession and trafficking of narcotics during the early hours of Saturday, April 13th.

The first operation in Sidi Kacem led to the apprehension of a 23-year-old individual upon his arrival by train from a city in northern Morocco. Upon inspection, a large quantity of drugs, estimated at 748 ecstasy and Rivotril tablets, was found in his possession. Additionally, a sum of money suspected to be proceeds from drug trafficking was seized.

In the second operation, judicial police officers in Salé apprehended a 28-year-old individual caught in the act of trafficking drugs. In his possession, a larger quantity of drugs, estimated at 1750 ecstasy tablets, was found. Similarly, a sum of money suspected to be proceeds from this criminal activity was seized.

Both suspects were placed under provisional detention pending investigation under the supervision of competent public prosecutors. The ongoing investigations aim to uncover all circumstances and details of these cases, as well as identify all criminal activities attributed to the individuals involved.

These two operations reaffirm the commitment of the General Directorate for National Security to combat the drug phenomenon, dismantle trafficking networks, and protect society from its dangers.

Source: Fes News

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