The absence of the oldest member sparked controversy in the session to elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives

The chamber of sessions in the Moroccan House of Representatives witnessed intense debate yesterday, Friday, during the session to elect the council’s president for the remainder of the legislative term, due to the absence of the oldest member, who is supposed by law to preside over the session.

Following this absence, Abdullah Bouanou, the head of the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party, gave a speech in which he demanded clarification on the reasons for the absence of Mohamed Bohddoud, a deputy from the National Rally of Independents party representing the Taroudant South constituency, who is considered the oldest member in the council.

Bouanou questioned Hamdi Ould Rachid, a deputy from the Independence Party who temporarily chaired the session, whether Bohddoud had apologized for his absence or not. Ould Rachid responded by confirming Bohddoud’s illness, saying, “We apologize to you for his absence because he is ill.

Source: Fes News

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