Fez Court Receives Corruption Files Concerning Local Authorities in Taza Province

In a significant judicial development, informed sources have revealed that the Financial Crimes Court in the city of Fez has received several files relating to suspected administrative and financial corruption in some local authorities in Taza Province.

According to the information received, these files are based on reports prepared by local inspection committees, which identified what was described as “financial and administrative mismanagement” in the concerned local authorities.

It is expected that proceedings will soon begin against the parties involved in these cases. Sources indicate that the accused include some former and current heads of local councils, as well as contractors and officials.

These developments come as part of efforts to combat corruption and promote transparency in local affairs management. Observers and the public are anticipating the progress of these cases and their potential results, which may affect the administrative and political landscape in the region.

It is worth noting that these cases highlight the importance of oversight and accountability in the management of local authorities, and the need to activate good governance mechanisms to ensure optimal use of public resources.

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