Top Thursday Headlines: Deaths Due to Measles, Corruption Cases, Murder, and Various Crises Occupy the Moroccan Press

Casablanca – In a review of the most prominent news covered by the Moroccan press on Thursday, a range of concerning issues emerged on both health and administrative fronts, in addition to various social and security issues.

The newspaper “Al-Masaa” reported that measles claimed the life of a 12-year-old child in Chichaoua province for the fourth time, causing panic among residents. The newspaper indicated that the spread of the disease is partly attributed to parents’ reluctance to vaccinate their children due to rumors about vaccines.

In another context, the newspaper mentioned that the Financial Crimes Court in Fez received files related to suspected administrative and financial corruption in some local communities in Taza province, with trials of those involved expected to begin soon.

“Al-Masaa” also reported that the Progress and Socialism Party demanded the Minister of Health provide antidotes for scorpion and snake venom in mountainous and remote areas, especially with rising temperatures in the summer season.

In tragic news, the newspaper reported a murder incident in the Progress neighborhood in Youssoufia, where a woman killed her 47-year-old brother with a bladed weapon following family disputes.

For its part, “Al-Ahdath Al-Maghribia” published news about heirs of a property in Casablanca resorting to administrative justice to free their property from the “abandoned property” classification, holding local officials responsible for not responding to their complaints.

In the field of communications, the newspaper reported new procedures to cancel phone numbers with unknown identities, where the Minister of Digital Transition revealed that a large number of unknown numbers have been suspended in recent weeks.

As for “Al-Alam” newspaper, it highlighted the problem of chaos in the Arches neighborhood in Al-Mahamid, where shop owners have encroached on public roads. It also reported news of a protest in Larache against the decision to ban access and swimming at “Sidi Abderrahim” beach.

These diverse issues reflect multiple challenges facing the Kingdom of Morocco in the areas of public health, local governance, security, and management of public spaces.

Source: Fez News

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