Ministry of Justice Organizes National Conference on Commercial Arbitration to Enhance Business Climate in Morocco

Casablanca – The city of Casablanca witnessed on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, the opening of a high-level national conference on “Commercial Arbitration as a Guarantee for Improving Business Climate and Attracting Investment.” The conference was inaugurated by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Abdellatif Wahbi, at the Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche hotel.

The Ministry of Justice organized this conference in collaboration with the National Business Environment Committee and the German Agency for International Cooperation, attracting a distinguished group of prominent figures from the legal and economic sectors.

Among the attendees were the Delegate President of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, the Head of the Economic Section at the German Embassy, the President of the Competition Council, and the Secretary-General of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Representatives from the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, various government sectors, public institutions, as well as experts, ambassadors, and representatives of international organizations also participated.

This conference aims to highlight the new legal framework for arbitration in Morocco, in accordance with Law 95.17 on arbitration and mediation. It also seeks to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences on best practices in commercial arbitration.

In his opening speech, Minister Wahbi emphasized the important role of arbitration as a complementary mechanism to the judiciary, especially in the commercial field which requires speedy procedures. He pointed to the Ministry’s efforts in preparing a decree concerning the organization of the list of arbitrators and the conditions for joining it, focusing on achieving a balance between preventing monopoly of the profession and ensuring its quality.

The Minister stressed that the main challenge lies in creating a business climate that attracts investments, calling for concerted efforts from all concerned parties to achieve this goal.

This conference reflects the growing interest in commercial arbitration in Morocco as a means to enhance confidence in the Kingdom’s economic environment and attract more foreign investments. The outcomes of this conference are expected to contribute to the development of the commercial arbitration system in Morocco and strengthen its role in supporting economic growth.

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